Working Hard

- POSTED ON: Nov 19, 2011

Dieting is hard work.
Those who say otherwise,
either haven't actually done much dieting,
or are telling lies to sell something.

You can call it a food or eating plan,
balancing your nutritional needs,
a reducing program, or a lifestyle change,
but whatever you call it,
if it involves changing the way you eat,'s a diet.

The very idea of beginning a diet
is enough to depress many people,
and set them off on an eating spree.

 But, dieting can give a sense of control and success.
Not every reducing idea will appeal to everyone,
and using a variation of dieting concepts that DO help,
is a good idea.

Something that might have been a terrific idea last week,
might not help me battle the temptation of potato chips tonight.
The goal is to learn how to live with food and be in control of what one eats,
not to eliminate food from our lives entirely.

A widespread unconscious habit among dieters
is to forget some of what we have eaten.

The way to make oneself more aware of one's eating habits
is to write down what you eat, maybe even when you eat it.

Carry a notebook and pen with you, and each time
you put anything into your mouth, write it down..
Even if it's only a stick of sugarless gun, or a peanut.

The "secret" of my own weight-loss and maintenance success
is my daily habit of writing down all my food in a software food journal.
There are many of these available.
My own favorite is called "DietPower",
and you'll find links to it here on DietHobby.

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