- POSTED ON: Oct 15, 2011

Despite my current miniature house plumbing crisis
which I discussed in yesterday's article,
today I feel Joyful.
  And, I'll admit that part of that is due to
what my scale said this morning.

JOYFUL is a word I seldom hear.
The Definition of JOYFUL is:

Experiencing, causing, or showing joy: happy

Synonyms: blissful,  delighted, gratified,
happy, glad, joyous, pleased, satisfied, thankful, tickled

Antonyms: displeased, dissatisfied, joyless,
sad, unhappy, unpleased, unsatisfied

For those who are following my “Ask Grandma” videos
click to see my latest one: “Moving On After A Breakup
which is located in DietHobby under RESOURCES, Videos, Ask Grandma.

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