Discipline or Self-Discipline

- POSTED ON: Sep 07, 2011

The definition of Discipline involves how someone
is trained by others to do what is expected of them.

Self-discipline involves training oneself for improvement.

Most people don’t have a discipline problem;
most people have a self-discipline problem.

One of the most critical components of reaching one’s goals
is to be able to manage time, thought, and physical action
on a daily basis. The ability to do this depends on
how well a person puts self-discipline into practice.

People responding to discipline do what is expected
because of an outside authority or society’s dictates.

Self-discipline is the power that comes
from doing what is right by one’s own choice
instead of being under the threat of discipline from another.

It takes self-discipline to consistently perform actions
that require sacrifice and work.

People with self-discipline
deliver what is expected of them, and beyond,
even when no one is looking.

Try to comprehend a person
who picks up a piece of litter from the street
because they see it,
not because they are told to do so,
or to impress others.

 Now, apply this concept to Dieting.

Discipline is an outside Expert or Diet Guru
taking control of our food choices, and
determining specifically how-what-when we must eat-or-not-eat
in order to lose weight or maintain weight-loss.

Self-discipline involves consistently following through
in making the kind of day-to-day individual personal food choices
which will result in weight-loss and maintenance of that weight-loss.


…..when no one is looking
…..when we don’t feel like it,
…..when the scale doesn’t show our desired results,

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