Mutually Exclusive Goals

- POSTED ON: Sep 06, 2011

Sometimes the things we want are mutually-exclusive.
Here is a common statement made by dieters:

I am excited about dropping my extra fat,
and I want to stop dieting and obsessing over every bite.
I think about food and weight loss all the time.
I want to just be free of that and eat normally.”

The….draw….of many diets is the desire for two distinctly separate things,

* to lose and maintain weight.
* to be able to eat “normally” without having to think about it.

 These are two separate goals,
and for almost every obese or reduced obese person,
these goals are Mutually-Exclusive.
Meaning that if you have the one, you can’t have the other.
You can’t have them both at the same time.

These conflicting desires are exploited by modern marketing
which promises us that we can have both of these things together,
but it’s a false promise,
an insidious lie that raises unreasonable expectations
and tends to doom us to failure.

Many people spend their lives
trying to force that square peg into a round hole,
refusing to ACCEPT that universal truth.

In our current modern society, difficult day-to-day food choices
which require thought and self-discipline,
will always be an ongoing part of one’s way-of-life
in order for an obese person to become normal weight,
and for a reduced obese person to remain normal weight.
 We will never be able to automatically eat like a "normal" person.

While we can develop positive habits that will help us in that task.
Developing habits takes a great deal of effort,
and although, after these habits are established, 
certain habits might help reduce a few of our conscious food choices,
it won't resolve the problem.
Specific eating Habits might make some eating choices easier,
but it won't eliminate the continual thinking and choosing process.

That dieting Truth doesn’t have to be a negative.
Make it a positive. 
 Dieting can become an enjoyable Hobby.

For those interested in following my Diet Recipe videos,
I recently posted a new one: "Crispy White Pizza",

which is located here at DietHobby under Recipes, Mini-Meals.

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