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- POSTED ON: Jun 06, 2011



I treat Dieting as an enjoyable Hobby.

The definition of the word “Dieting”
is to eat sparingly or according to prescribed rules.
The word “sparing” means marked by or practicing
careful restraint, therefore Dieting simply means
restrained and purposeful eating.

The only way for an obese person to become,
and to stay, a normal size…
which is commonly referred to as “thin”
is by Dieting forever.

There are many ways of eating,
many different Diets, and..if followed..most of them
will bring one to normal weight and allow one to stay there.

 Just pick one…any one…and begin following it.
If that Diet isn’t working for you, pick another,
…but carefully avoid the tendency to engage in
unrestrained eating episodes between diets or food-plans.
Changing Diets isn’t a “free space”
where the Laws of Nature are suspended.

Dieting, like life, is a process not an event.
One day stacks upon another.
It is the simple matter of changing one’s eating habits,
from unrestrained eating to purposely restrained eating.
by using one method or another.

Simple, but not easy.

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Existing Comments:

On Jun 08, 2011 wrote:
Dr.Collins This is so true. I need better habits.

On Jun 08, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Frannie...just like most of us ... me included.

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