Exercise for Women in the 1940s

- POSTED ON: Apr 17, 2015



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On Apr 16, 2015 LoveTahoe wrote:
They were so thin! It's always shocking to see photos from the 40s through about the 1970s or so and realize how thin people were. It's an understatement to say that the dysfunctional food environment we're in didn't exist back then. I was a kid in the 60s and still remember my mother doing "workouts" with Jack LaLanne in front of the T.V. I think some of those programs are even available on DVD now. Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

On Apr 16, 2015 Wellness wrote:
Oh wow, I wasn't even born yet, this was so hilarious to me! My first thought was, "Is that all, seems easy to just stand there getting twist and turned". It just tickled me.

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