My Baby Sister's Birthday

- POSTED ON: Jun 25, 2013








Here is a picture representing me and my sister....

She's the Light Cat, and I'm the Dark Cat.



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On Jun 25, 2013 Wellness wrote:
Greetings Grandma, at first I thought, um, nothing. Then I looked closer and saw that if one wanted to make this a class and color issue, for conversation sake, then the light cat is well, already light, taller, her tail over the black cat, so she is above while the black cat is beneath her. On the other hand, the sistesr appear very close, connected, loving, and the light cat can be seen as protective of her sister. Pertaining to weight, the light cat does appear slimmer. For me though, I see love, acceptance, protection, security, and the fact that we are family and "you are you and I am I, and that is why I love you." That is a quote from one of the Fred Sanford and Son shows, so hilarious, when Lamont the son went for counseling and came home telling his grouchy dad, Fred, that quote; a must see, absolutely hilarious! Further, "you should always bet on spade", a quote from the movie starring Wesley Snipes, Passenger 57. Have a blast of a day Granny:)!

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