Advertising Guidelines???

- POSTED ON: Jan 14, 2013


CAP, the people who write and maintain the United Kingdom’s advertising code
just published new guidelines regarding the advertising of weight loss products and services.

 No longer allowed is:  

• Claiming that people can lose a precise amount of weight in a specific period of time.

• Claiming that spot reduction exists.

• Advertising weight loss products or services to minors.

• Implying that weight loss will be permanent.

• Implying that weight loss will be easy.

• Implying that a person can eat whatever they want and still lose.

• Suggesting certain foods can help you lose specific amounts of weight.

• Making claims about services or products not supportable by means of evidence.

• Utilizing testimonials that suggest more than 2lb/wk weight loss.

• Utilizing products that purport to "bind fat".

• Implying vitamin or mineral formulations are beneficial to weight loss.

• Implying that a product or procedure will remove "toxins" from the body.

Included is this amazing statement:

"Obesity is frequently associated with a medical condition
and a treatment for it must not be advertised to the public
unless it is to be used under suitably qualified supervision

Will United Kingdom advertisers actually FOLLOW those guidelines?
I don’t know, but -- Don’t hold your breath waiting for any similar Guidelines to ever ever show up here in the USA.

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Existing Comments:

On Jan 14, 2013 wrote:
Good for the Brits. Bet dollars to a twig we in the USA will NEVER see anything like this happen here. A couple of questions come to mind though. How will they enforce this, and what will the penalties for non-compliance be? Will Scotland Yard have a new division called the 'food police'?

On Jan 14, 2013 jethro wrote:
This law will never work because the special interests that "influence" the government will use it to promote their global pursuits which may not be appropriate or ethical.

On Jan 15, 2013 TexArk wrote:
Madison Avenue's job is to find a way to tell folks what they want to hear. We want to hear that there is a quick easy therefore we buy into it....

On Jan 17, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
Hi John, Jethro and TexArk, Loved your comments, agree with them all. <3

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