Social Pressure from the High Priests of Healthy Eating

- POSTED ON: Nov 12, 2012

Michael Pollan, a High Priest of "Healthy" eating, says in his book, Food Rules:
Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Eat Less

 If that is the food that you like eating, then follow that advice.
Personally, although there is great social pressure to do so,
I don’t buy into the current media hype which says that to be “healthy” within our modern culture,
we must eat foods that are:
“Whole” or “Real” or “NonProcessed” or “organic” or “grassfed” or “local” or “non GMO”.

My personal position is that we can be just as healthy if we simply: 
Eat Less, and Eat according to our preferences.

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Existing Comments:

On Nov 12, 2012 wrote:
Just saw a TV commercial that fits here. The 'High Priest', in this case General Mills "Cheerios". Scenario, A couple sitting at the breakfast table, Husband says reading from the box, "It says here that Cheerios are "Heart Healthy". Wife stands and replies, "It's True" and kisses husband on top of the head. I get so angry when I see this one (it gets muted) because the source of the enlightening information is the 'High Priest' in the sales & advertising department. Just my opinion...LOL

On Nov 12, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi John, It seems like there's always someone telling us what to eat, or what not to eat. Sometimes it's hard for me to decide which I like least, the Food Marketers, or the "Health" Gurus. The Marketing interests want my money, and the Gurus want my obedient worship.

On Nov 12, 2012 jethro wrote:
Great point Dr. Collins. Based on my personal experience, I believe the body processes all ingested nutrients the same, whether they are "healthy" or not. By the way, the "Health" Gurus are also selling you something, a book, an agenda etc.

On Nov 12, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             jethro, very true.

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