Spring Cleaning?

- POSTED ON: Apr 21, 2012


 It's occurred to me that some of my cleaning basic instincts
might be involved my recent organization of this DietHobby website.

It's spring, and what I'm doing is some technical "spring cleaning", 
which…although mentally demanding…isn't physically challenging
like spring cleaning my house, which seriously needs some reorganization.

This behavior reminds me of what my daughter used to do as a child.
She was responsible for cleaning her own room.
I'd try to be patient, but finally when I couldn't even walk through it
anymore without stepping on piles of toys and clothing,
I'd tell her that she had to stay in her room until it was clean.

 A few hours later I'd go to check her progress,
only to find the room looking exactly the same, 
but my daughter beaming at her progress because she had
organized all of her comic books alphabetically.

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