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- POSTED ON: May 01, 2014


Here's a statement I frequently hear from people who are dieting.

"I'm trying super hard to not get discouraged,
but I'm not seeing enough results
even though I'm sticking to my diet."

Even though we are "responsible-adults" in almost every way, when it comes to dieting and weight-loss most of us are like spoiled children, expecting to receive something we simply have not yet earned.

Each of us lives inside an individual body, and bodies differ as to how fast they lose weight ... even when they eat exactly the same amount of the same foods.

Our ONLY real CONTROL over the size of our bodies is the food we put into our mouths ... AND, we have the ability ... although it is difficult... to control our behavior with food.

Eating less is the CAUSE of weight-loss.

Weight-loss is the RESULT of our eating BEHAVIOR.

  We DO NOT have any control over the speed of our weight-loss, and until we understand and accept this, we are not going to have the PATIENCE, and the PERSISTENCE, that it takes to continually, day-after-day engage in the kind of eating behavior that CAUSES weight-loss.

There is really no WAY that any one individual body can lose weight faster than it can when strictly following a diet that allows only a tiny bit of food intake, ... for example one such as the 5-bite diet.  Even a total water fast would BARELY increase one's weight-loss speed.  So, if you feel that a very-low-calorie-diet such as the 5-bite diet is a good choice for you, personally,  I say do everything you can to stick with it, no matter whether your weight-loss results are fast or slow.


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Existing Comments:

On May 03, 2014 dianne0007 wrote:
This post brought to mind this quote from Albert Einstein: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

On May 03, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             dianne, that MIGHT be partially due to the related post entitled "Insanity" that I made on March 19, 2014 here at DietHobby. You can find it in the Archives, or use this link: http://www.diethobby.com/blog.php?ax=v&nid=958&topic=Insanity

On Jun 01, 2014 oolala53 wrote:
This to me just dovetails Freedhoff's maxim: if you feel you are suffering too much for the benefits gained, you won't keep doing it. I know I would have to feel that my LIFE or someone else's depended on it to commit to the 5-bite diet, and I think there are options for almost everybody. Yes, to each her own, but there really aren't many statistically that that is going to be "her own." But I do agree that if someone is fine with the process, she shouldn't let the speed of results dictate adherence.

On Jun 01, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             oolala, I agree. I think that you are the "Expert" on you, and I am the "Expert" on me, and so forth. I am interested in many different diets or ways-of-eating, and, upon careful examination or experimentation, I find valuable ideas or insights in many of them. Of course, ALL of those ideas aren't suitable for me personally, but I accept that they might be useful for others, and I support every person's right to choose their own way-of-eating. I firmly believe that "Every diet or way-of-eating works for someone, but none of them works for everyone."

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