Individual Rules

- POSTED ON: Jan 07, 2013

We each have to individually determine Rules
that get us to limit the food we eat in situations.

This can be achieved by adopting Rules from another Diet, a Non-diet, a Way-of-Eating, a Lifestyle; or by combining them; or by creating  new and specific Rules just for ourselves.

We need to finally ACCEPT that we are going to have to change our lives and consistently eat less if we want to be smaller and feel better.

 We are going to have to face down desires to eat sometimes when we're not supposed to … based on our individual Rules.

We're going to have to determine what foods work for us individually and just how much dense food we can live with or live without.

Doing this involves an absolute commitment to learning how much we really need to sustain ourselves, individually, -  for our health and for our true pleasure.

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Existing Comments:

On Jan 07, 2013 wrote:
"To thine own self be true". Make your own rules; but be sure they are not so rigid that you cannot follow them. The by words here are commitment, persitence, and dedication.

On Jan 07, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Very true, John.

On Jan 07, 2013 jethro wrote:
This is very inspiring. Who better than us knows what works for us. Knowledge is power.

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