Comfortable in Your Own Skin

- POSTED ON: Dec 19, 2017

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On Dec 21, 2017 oolala53 wrote:
Hmm, what's that like? I'm certainly getting chances to see that I'm not.

On Dec 21, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             For ME, personally, it's a matter of degree. Like I believe that i'm comfortable with the natural color of my hair ..... which is easy to do, since I still have almost no grey.... and comfortable with the fine wrinkle lines that have developed on my face, and around my lips. My body skin is rather saggy very thin and crepy, and that's okay with me. When I'm alone looking at my naked body in the bathroom mirror, I'm okay with it, but then when I look at my clothed body, I'm not pleased when I see bumps and bulges associated with being overweight. This bathroom analysis indicates to me that I'm not really personally unahppy with my basic realistic old lady body when I'm looking at what others won't be seeing .... but that I do become bothered when I'm thinking of how OTHERS might see and judge my appearance as "fat" while I'm out and about in public places. ..**********************Oh, well..... so it goes.

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