Exhaustion of Old Age

- POSTED ON: Dec 12, 2017



A state of extreme physical or mental fatigue.

The action or state of using something up...

or of being used up... completely.



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On Dec 12, 2017 dianne0007 wrote:
At this time of year, for me, my age feels particularly full of exhaustion. I'm exhausted with life sometimes. Tired beyond belief.

On Dec 13, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
              really get that, Dianne. For ME, the problem with age is not really “learning”, it is all that RE-learning. Change happens continually, and for every new function or place or thing that replaces something else, I still have in my memory of the abilities and skills that came before that new phone, new computer, new program, new technique, or whatever. I’m not an empty slate, and in order to imprint the new, the old has to be erased or moved somehow. ************************************My mind still holds memories of the time BEFORE television, when an ice box was in the kitchen instead of a refrigerator, when people lucky enough to have a telephone were on a party line, and when people commonly understood and practiced things like manners and courtesy.******************************************** Nowadays the Holidays tend to wear me out. I have all those past experiences and a lifetime of memories piled on top of each other inside me. Sometimes it feels like I’m already stuffed full, … been there, done that… over and over and over again. A lifetime of complicated relationships with so many people who were once so important but who are now dead and gone. A great deal of good stuff, with some bad stuff mixed in, but I often feel like I’m just too tired to do whatever it takes (mentally and emotionally) to clear enough space inside me to allow room for any more new people, events, experiences, and Holiday occasions. ************************************************ It’s not as simple as a “negative/positive” thought thing. Younger people haven’t experienced enough life to really understand how an elderly person can just get “worn out”.

On Dec 13, 2017 dianne0007 wrote:
I wrote a page in a booklet that my 5 yo grandson sent to me as a thank you for BD reply. I sent it back to him and my son said he had to explain to him that this is the way old people used to communicate because he didn't understand. I also grew up in a time where I had to wait for things, time on the party line. To use the outhouse, #7 in the bath water in the trough in the kitchen cause that's where one heated the water, getting the milk delivery from outside, on and on. I miss the simplicity of that and the hustle and bustle of this new world exhausts me because yes, I don't want to make room for the new. Yet I am expected to conform to this new world somehow and retain my energy which is again...exhausted.

On Dec 13, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Yes. I get it. ME TOO... It's annoying how today's Culture keeps trying to steal my right to be old. When I was young, it was expected for old people to look and act old. It took me a long time to live to 73 years, and I am good with being elderly. I earned the right to rest and to be as comfortable as my aging body will allow me to be. I do not owe the world a youthful appearance or a youthful attitude.

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