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- POSTED ON: Oct 05, 2018

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On Oct 07, 2018 Wellness wrote:
Greetings, so nice to hear from you, I have missed you and been so busy, forgive me. This is quite disturbing!!!! I must say though that I had forgotten my password and I am happy that the email sent provided me with my password and not a prompt to reset it; that makes a difference but if I had to reset it, it would not have been a problem even; not complaining, love you. Please share more about this image, please.

On Oct 07, 2018 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Greetings Wellness. Yes. the current abuse of Lady Liberty has been a very disturbing exihibition of corrupt power. This is a time when I'm glad to be so old that my own life will probably end within the next decade, because unless something changes drastically within the next few years, I think that life in America overall is going to become very difficult.

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