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- POSTED ON: Feb 15, 2011



I am very pleased by the positive responses I've received about the
DietHobby site,since my recent announcement that it is now operational.
I plan to post frequently in this ongoing blog, and also add more pictures
and videos, and recipes and links and other information here in DietHobby.

As with all technical things, some glitches don't show up prior to use,
so we are still working out some problems with registration and log-in,
which is supposed to be required before making comments. (to avoid spammers etc)

I hope to remain responsive to viewers, and make changes in my policies as needed.
Originally I was advised to exclude signatures because people's user names
are supposed to automatically appear.  Due to some technical registration and log-in issues,
that isn't yet operating perfectly.  So I made a change this morning and am asking people to
PLEASE DO put their signature INSIDE their comment.

Signatures. Please DO end your comment with your user name.

My understanding of the process here is:
people can access and view anything on DietHobby without registering or logging in.
However, before they can participate by making comments, they must register.
Registering is meant to be easy, and no data gets saved or published or sold etc.

After people fill out the short registration form, they are supposed to return to their e-mail
and click the link the web-site sends them. As soon as they do that, they are registered,
and from them on all they have to do is log in.
When someone registers, the site automatically sends an e-mail to me,
telling me that I have a new registration and who it is.

I've noticed that most of the websites I normally go to log-in with a user name,
However, my web-developer-genius (son) absolutely insists on using an e-mail address for log-in.
This seems to be mainly because so many people get locked out because they forget
their user names, and dealing with that issue is a hassle for the site-owner (me).
Your e-mail address is totally confidential and no one will ever send you anything,
including me, unless you give me special permission.

You can log on or off while you're on the site, but when you leave you are automatically logged off,
and will need to re-log each time you return and want to make a new comment.
I'm don't understand the technical reason for this, but that's the way my son says it's going to be.
So, it will be helpful to me to have my online friends register, log-in, and make comments
as soon as possible, because that is the way I can discover any problems of the DietHobby site.
Please send me an e-mail if you have any difficulties so I can get them fixed.
My e-mail address is
drcollins@diethobby.com which is also posted here under CONTACTS.

All my blogs reside here in my HOME link -- including the posts re books under discussion in BOOKTALK.
My oldest posted Blogs, which are numbered from 1-22,  are my "Why We Get Fat"  Summaries and comments.
The easiest way to read and comment on these first 22 posts, is to click the link
This will take you  to a list of links  of all those Chapter Summaries and comments
making it easier to read and comment on them.

My regular ongoing comments start AFTER   those first 22 "Why We Get Fat" chapter summary posts,
The starting date is February 7th, and Including this one, I have  9 such blogs posted so far, 
and will be continually adding to them. So, if you are here, and you travel backwards to read prior posts,
after the February 7th post, it will be easier to leave this area and go to 

I made the "Why We Get Fat" Chapter Summaries and comments first, and lumped them all together,
for easy access, because those Blogs will be highlighted for a very long time, probably at least a year.
Some of my online friends from the No S Diet forum have already read my basic summary because
although a primary reason for I briefing that book was to use it here in DietHobby,  I first posted it in
a No S Diet forum Thread  for a discussion between me and a fellow No S Diet forum member, 

Again, I want to remain responsive to you, my online friends, by addressing issues that will arise as
we take this DietHobby journey together.   Here is a link to my newly revised
Comment Guidelines 

Leave me a comment.

Please Login to comment on this blog.

Existing Comments:

On Feb 16, 2011 wrote:
Hello Phyllis, Very impressed with your site....well done! I'm doing well at 172 lbs. now and still "zero carb" meat only. If it comes out of the ground I don't eat it. Works for me. Hope you and your family are well. I'll be waching the site and I'm signing up for updates too. thanks, ultra_classic

On Feb 16, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Ultra/john Thanks. I'm so pleased to see that you're maintaining your weight loss...and have lost even more weight. Zero carb seems to be treating you well. I'm glad you've found a plan that works for you. I look forward to receiving comments from you here.

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