Photo Examples of Food Experiments
- POSTED ON: Jan 31, 2017

The ARCHIVES here at DietHobby show that I do lots of personal experimenting with different types of diets and ways-of-eating.  Because reviewing my previous posts is helpful to me, I use DietHobby as a digital scrapbook, where I post and index - in a way that I find artistically satisfying - my thoughts, as well as writings, pictures and videos that I consider interesting or helpful.

Although interested viewers are welcome, all posts at my DietHobby website are first and foremost for me, personally.  As part of my dieting hobby, I belong to various online diet groups, and sometimes I share relevant DietHobby posts with fellow members, but I don’t “promote” my website.

DietHobby sells nothing, and does not promote any specific diet; way-of-eating; lifestyle; non-diet; books; clubs; supplements; foods; or memberships.

I address various issues in a one-size-does-NOT-fit-all way as they interest me or apply to me, and I frequently conduct experiments-of-one with a variety of different diets and ways-of-eating.  These experiments can last several months, or only a few days.   I’ve found that the more public I make my personal details in an ongoing experiment, the less effective that experiment is for me, so I am picky about what I share and what remains private. 

This past year or so I started recording pictures of some of my various meals in the Photo Gallery section of DietHobby (look under the heading RESOURCES) to record various meals that I’ve actually eaten as part of various experiments-of-one.

To date, the categories are:




Petite Meals









5-Bite Meals








3-Bite Meals








Taster’s Choice




which includes

Taster’s Choice Experiment

Freedom in Maintenance Experiment

  The website genius who created DietHobby (who is also my adult son) is now working on technical renovations which are expected to make it more user friendly for hand-held devices as well as computers.  My goal is to keep the part of DietHobby that we SEE about the same, while updating the inner workings to make it more efficient.   So…. If you have problems accessing photos, videos, articles etc. be sure to watch for the new changes that are expected within the next several months.

Food Deprivation
- POSTED ON: Jan 30, 2017

Dressed in Overalls - Words of Wisdom
- POSTED ON: Jan 27, 2017

See Video Below

DietHobby has more of these short videos under the heading: Words of Wisdom

Getting REAL
- POSTED ON: Jan 26, 2017

Balancing Values
- POSTED ON: Jan 25, 2017

 Eleven plus years of working to maintain my weight within my goal weight range has taught me that the only right road in Maintenance is the one I create for myself. 

I research dieting issues, listen to dieting advice from others, and do various short-term-diet-experiments, but ULTIMATELY,  What, When, and How, I eat involves a continual personal evaluation and balancing of my own Values.  

DietHobby is my digital Scrapbook. It advertises nothing, sells nothing, charges nothing, and accepts no donations.  It is my own personal website which exists to help me further my own personal Dieting Hobby, and it reflects my personal experience in weight-loss and maintenance.

One-size-doesn’t fit-all, and I address many different ways-of-eating whenever I find them interesting or applicable to me.

For me, Dreams and Goals need to be based on REALITY, which means they need to be based upon a sensible and practical idea of what can actually be achieved or expected.

I have a clear idea of my own personal weight goals, and have an image of how I want to look and feel at my Ideal Weight Goal.  I also have an intense desire to BE there - not only Reach that Goal, but Stay there Forever. 

However, what I’ve learned is that ...
Life involves Balance and Trade-offs which are based on what each of us “brings to the table”
(genetically & otherwise), as well as what each of us values the most. 

There are many different definitions of what is individually “beautiful” and also of what is “healthy”, and ….for many people here on earth,….. a BMI number doesn’t define either beauty or health. 

Not only do people define Beauty & Health differently, there are many differences in how highly various Food and Eating issues are valued within each individual life. 

Advertising, the media, and the Diet Industry tells us that “thin” is the most beautiful and healthiest body type. Most people who reach a weight at the bottom of their BMI range would be considered “thin”, and some might even consider those people to be the “healthiest” that they could be, because of their low weight.  However, there are others who define “Beauty” and “Health” differently, and THOSE people would prefer and choose different weight-goals.

Here is a picture showing my own personal ideal Weight Maintenance Range.

As part of my own “dieting hobby” I’m always reading and learning about various diet plans, non-diet plans, ways-of-eating, and lifestyles. My many diet experiments have helped me to develop a deep understanding of my own personal preferences. I like some diets and diet “experts” better than others, but I continually work to remain open to new or different possibilities.

The DietHobby ARCHIVES contains many articles that talk about the specifics of my own eating and weight struggles.  Every year I become more and more convinced of the truth of the following statements made by the obesity specialist, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, M.D.:

"at the end of the day if you don't like the life you're living while you're losing weight, you're virtually certain to gain it back."

Physiologically, Plateaus don’t exist.  Unless it’s a TEMPORARY trick of the scale, …....... if you’re not losing, either you’re burning fewer calories than you think; you’re eating more than you think; or some combination thereof. 

However, although there’s no Plateau, there IS such a thing as a “FLOOR”. 

If you’ve truly stopped losing weight, there are really only two questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Could I happily eat any less?
2. Could I happily exercise any more?

If the answer is "yes" then you can tighten things up, but If the answer to both is "no", there's nothing left for you to do. 

This is because if you can't happily eat any less and you can't happily exercise any more -- then it's unlikely that this will ever become part of your permanent behavior.

For me, maintaining a large weight-loss involves striking a balance between how I want my body to look and to feel at a specific size; AND how little food I am prepared to eat indefinitely. 

But what’s personally important isn’t a Constant. As Life Happens our Values tend to adjust to fit into our present Realities. 

The body is designed to wear out, and if we live long enough, we will die from old age. 

Here in my 73rd year of life, my thinking and my goals are more short term than they were in my 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s, 20s, or teens. 

I find that now I tend to value my physical comfort more than my physical appearance, and that I’m far less willing to spend time experimenting with ways-of-eating that I don’t find enjoyable.

At this time I still place a high value of keeping my body somewhere inside my “normal” BMI range, and I am still willing to eat very small amounts of food indefinitely to do so. 

However, …. if the only way I could maintain that body size was to eat only 5 bites of food twice a day for the rest of my life, would I be willing to do that??? ….If the only way I could maintain that body size was to entirely eliminate specific foods from my life … whether it be sweets, carbs - refined or otherwise, meat, or dairy products like cheese or butter?????? 

My own personal answer is:  No!!!  

Neither of those things would be an acceptable trade-off for me.  It’s a matter of values.  
In order to be able to moderately eat those foods, I would choose to accept being a larger size.

................How moderate?  
................How much larger? 

That’s where the individual balancing of values comes into play.

Note to those of you who are interested:  This week I’ve started a different diet experiment which involves eating approximately six tiny meals per day, while working keep my calorie intake at or below my energy burn.  I plan to post food pictures here at DietHobby under the title: “Tasters Choice” which is inside my Photo Gallery, under the Heading RESOURCES.


Running to Dinner

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