The Inside-Out Revolution - Book Review
- POSTED ON: Apr 30, 2015

Michael Neill, the author of The Inside-Out Revolution

(2013)  is an established well known radio show host, transformational coach, and best-selling author of other self-help books. What makes this book distinctive is what he describes as an "Inside-Out Understanding".

He says that our Society has an "Outside-In" mindset:

"The prevailing model in our culture is that our experience of life is created from the outside in - that is, what happens to us on the outside determines our experience on the inside. People or circumstances `make' us happy, angry, sad, fearful, or loving, and the game of life is to find, attract, create, or manifest the right people and circumstances in order to have more of the good feelings and fewer of the bad ones."

The book is based on The Three Principles. These are:



There is an energy and intelligence behind life.

The capacity to be aware and experience life is innate in human beings. It is a universal phenomenon. Our level of awareness in any given moment determines the quality of our experience.

We create our individual experience of reality via the vehicle of thought. Thought is the missing link between the formless world of pure potentiality and the created world of form.



Neill says that the difference in making a change in one's mindset in how we view things can unchain us from the limitations we feel bound in, and he quotes: "A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that's unlocked and opens inwards as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push."

He says to remember that you're only one thought away from happiness, you're only one thought away from sadness. The secret lies in Thought. Thought is the missing link that everybody in this world is looking for. Each of us has a selective choice …by way of thought …whether to experience happiness, something positive and meaningful, or, negative and sad, dragging us down emotionally.

Neill quotes his mentor, Syd Banks, on a transformative moment: "When you are ready, you will find what you're looking for. I don't care who you are. I don't care where you are. If you're in the middle of the Sahara Desert...and it's time for you to find the answer, the right person will appear in the middle of the desert and let you know."

The author points out:  “The moment we see that every feeling is just the shadow of a thought, we stop being scared of our feelings and just feel them.”


Below is an entertaining video describing the concepts of the book.

Addicted to What...?
- POSTED ON: Apr 30, 2015


The video below is Lucy Bainbridge discussing Addiction - Drugs & Alcohol or Shopping or Eating.

Lucy is a former cocaine addict who is now a Life Transformation Coach in the UK specializing in Addiction.  She coaches with an inside-out understanding of life from the 3 Principles perspective.

Addicted to What...?  Lucy Bainbridge

A Defining Moment - George Pransky
- POSTED ON: Apr 30, 2015

In the Video Below - Psychologist, George Pransky
refers to Sid Banks' realization of the Principles
as a Defining Moment, &
  provides some interesting information about Freud and the history of Psychoanalysis.

- POSTED ON: Apr 30, 2015

A New Paradigm for Mental Health - Cathy Casey
- POSTED ON: Apr 30, 2015

Why innate Health is a Whole New Paradigm for Mental Health
Cathy Casey

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