Buttons for VidCon 2012
- POSTED ON: Jun 23, 2012

This next week I will be attending VidCon 2012, which is the 3rd annual YouTube Video Conference.
My adult-tech-son and I both have Industry passes, which means that we will be able to attend meetings about the technical aspects of YouTube, led by the "movers-and-shakers" of YouTube.
I expect to learn a lot, and my son is hoping that someone there will be willing to help us fix the problems that the Hacker caused for my DietHobby YouTube Channel.

Many of you may remember that at VidCon 2011, I passed out about 1,100 homemade, individually wrapped cookies. This year, I bought 2,500 custom-made promotional buttons to pass out.  As I say in the video below, I paid for these buttons just ONE DAY BEFORE the hacker hit my DietHobby youtube channel,and this DietHobby website. 
I told my son what I wanted to say on the button, and the design was created by him.
I love it.

Searching For Perfection
- POSTED ON: Jun 17, 2012

If this thought has never crossed your mind, you are a very rare person.

"No matter what I do, it's never good enough."

When this happens, first ask yourself, "Good enough for whom?"
Who are we trying to please? Who gets to judge whether or not we are good enough?

If your answer is "the world, the universe", then you're right
because there's nothing we can ever do that will please everyone.

The only person we have to be good enough for, is ourself.
So, if the standards I have set for myself are impossible to meet
because I require perfection of myself at all times, then I need to lower my standards.

It is important to stop expecting to be perfect, stop thinking that I know everything,
and open my mind to learning and moving forward in that ever changing process.

When something I'm doing isn't working, I need to change what I'm doing.
I've learned in maintenance, that doing what I've been doing doesn't work forever,
because the body adapts.

When we become fitter, we have to push ourselves harder.
When we become thinner, we have to lower our caloric intake.
When we get older, we have to lower our caloric intake.
Doing the same thing we've always done really isn't good enough.
We have to accept that we must continually evolve to keep making progress.

Good enough is not perfect.
There is no such thing as perfect.
There's only a little better than before.

More About Priorities
- POSTED ON: Jun 12, 2012

 Recently it has taken a lot of effort (internet problems) to get the message out,
and this has affected the quality of the contents of my message here in DietHobby.
Getting and keeping the system running has been using up most of my energy,
and it takes the rest of my energy just to deal with the practicalities of eating at maintenance level.
Frequently, I find that when I sit down to write about dieting and maintenance concepts to post here,
I'm coming up empty.

Actually, that's a concept in itself.
Something that happens to all of us.
Our lives get busy. We become absorbed in some individual problem, 
involving our work, our family, our friends,
and our dieting and maintenance efforts get shoved to the side,
because there's only so much personal energy available to us
and we direct that energy toward our highest priorities.

The days, weeks, and months pass, and when there is a break between those Life Crises,
not only have we not lost weight, but we find that we are heavier and less fit than ever. 

 So, what's the answer?
Somehow, we need to shift our priorities.
We need to place more value on what we eat and how we exercise.
That's really what the concept "Lifestyle" means.

The way we nurture and care for ourselves and our food
needs to become a strong thread running through all of our lives.
We need to develop individual ways of dealing with food that become habit.
and allow habit to take over during those times when we are distracted by those Life Crisis situations.

There we have the individual question that each of us must answer for ourselves. 

Videos are Here
- POSTED ON: Jun 08, 2012


I've been working hard this past week to get copies of my missing videos back here on DietHobby,
and I've made a great deal of progress.
  All of the Ask Grandma videos, Grandma's Recipes videos, and Diet Wisdom videos,
and many of the Words of Wisdom videos can now be watched here under their Headings

which are listed across the top of the page, right under the Banner at the top of this
In order to make these videos available quickly,  I started a second YouTube Channel for
only, and uploaded many, many videos. I also used copies of many videos that I had
already stored at other locations.

Note that In the Videos section under the RESOURCES heading,
only the videos that are uploaded to YouTube will appear under the the "Videos" heading,
so even though many of those videos are actually now here at DietHobby,
the video directory will still show all non-YouTube videos as missing.

I will be correcting that problem eventually, but for now the videos can be played
in their individual Categories
under their Headings at the top of the website page,
even when they can't be accessed through the Resources - Videos area.

 I'm hoping that eventually YouTube will help me fix my YouTube DietHobby Channel
by restoring all of the videos deleted by the Hacker, along with all of their comments,
viewcounts, and annotations, so that the link connections all over the internet won't be lost.
My adult son thinks that if YouTube doesn't help before then,
that we will be able to get in contact with someone for help when we got to VidCon 2012
at the end of this month.

Be Patient
- POSTED ON: Jun 07, 2012

Many years ago, as a child, I was continually told: "Be Patient!".
I pretty much took the meaning of that to be: "Shut-up and wait".

The dictionary says to be patient means:

1: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint
2: manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain
3: not hasty or impetuous
4: steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity

It has never been easy to be patient, but it's probably harder now than at any time in history.
In today's world messages and information can be sent across the world instantly.
Everything is available with only a few clicks of a mouse.

But patience is a behavior, and most behaviors are learned through practice.
Developing patience requires a change in one's attitude about life,
and a positive focus becomes imperative when dealing with matters requiring self-control

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