Time for a Break
- POSTED ON: Nov 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015
- POSTED ON: Nov 26, 2015

Eating Patterns - Morning vs Evening
- POSTED ON: Nov 25, 2015

This describes an ongoing problem for me. It appears to be true no matter when I eat, or what I eat. 

Whether I wake up hungry or full, I start out with motivation for various types of food restrictions, but no matter what pattern of eating I choose - even including a "moderation-no-diet" pattern - my motivation recedes throughout the day and almost entirely disappears by bedtime.

I am a "morning" person who is an early riser and my bedtime is normally early in the evening.  Over time, I've learned that no matter what eating pattern I work toward, entirely skipping my morning meal and having food at only lunch and dinnertime, results in an ongoing feeling of deprivation which makes that pattern unsustainable for me.

However, my personal eating experiments tell me that even many days of having food only at breakfast and lunch then having zero food until the following day, doesn't do much to change my own desire to eat food all day long.

Here in my days of retirement, each and every meal feels like an important event to me. Three meals a day appears to be the only pattern that would be even remotely possible for me to sustain.  I do well when eating very small meals with only tiny amounts of food.  If it were not for potential weight gain due to my body's ongoing requirement for less than 1000 calories daily, my personal preference would be to snack all day, having only a bite-or-two, here-or-there-
in-between-meals, plus only tiny amounts of food during a morning breakfast, a noon lunch, and an early evening dinner.  Unfortunately, even with ongoing computer tracking of every bite of food, it is extremely difficult to follow that type of eating pattern while keeping calories under an ongoing 1000 calorie daily total.

I continually experiment with various forms of intermittent fasting, but I can honestly say, even after all of these years of experimenting, ... for me personally .... none of them have become easier or more likeable.  I hate them all.  Yes, after 3 straight days of little or no food, physical hunger leaves, but...for me... there are still other unpleasant physical feelings, as well as ongoing unpleasant emotional feelings, that persist even after 6+ days.  And this is especially true about days of total water fasting, whether it's for only 1 day, for 3 days, or for longer than 3 days.  In fact, I hate total water fasting most of all. 

DietHobby is my personal blog.  My only agenda is to tell things as I see them at the time, and to Scrapbook diet information which I find personally interesting, helpful, or entertaining.  It's good that I'm retired, because it takes an immense amount of work for me to maintain my large weight-loss, and to keep my "reduced obese" body at, or near, a "normal" BMI.   At this point, my personal dieting hobby is taking more time and thought than an ongoing full-time job.

However,... here at almost 71 years old... I will continue on, doing this one-day-at-a-time for now... but maybe not for always. At my age, I'm not certain that my goal of sustaining a normal weight until my death is worth my on-going daily struggle.

How Big Pharma Lies to Us
- POSTED ON: Nov 24, 2015

Medical Ghostwriting, Selective Publications,
and the death of the Evidence Base

The video below is an interesting lecture by Dr. Fung, who is a medical expert that I respect.
It provides some clear and convincing explanations; answering questions I've had due to personal experiences with specific medications previously prescribed for me, for my ageing mother (now deceased), and for other members of my family.

Status Quo
- POSTED ON: Nov 22, 2015

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