Calorie Accountability

- POSTED ON: Apr 16, 2011

DENIAL:  "If I don't know it, it isn't true",
is a big problem in weight-control,
and many people prefer ignorance,
in order to avoid facing unpleasant facts.

Here's a news quote concerning
the implementation of that New York city law
which requires chain restaurants to post calorie information.

It points out the truth that many people are not happy to learn
that their food choices are extremely high-calorie.

Take off the labels’

“Some people actually tell us we should take off the labels,
because it discourages them from ordering what they want,” he said,

Despite the eye-opening revelations, whether New Yorkers will switch
to lower calorie meals remains to be seen. They may just switch menus.

That’s what Fowler, the woman who was dining recently with her friends
at T.G.I. Friday's, decided to do.

“I’m so upset,” she said, noting some entrees — like the Jack Daniels ribs
and shrimp dinner — contain almost 2,000 calories, and the desserts were
more of the same (the brownie obsession is 1,500 calories).
“I wish they wouldn’t have done this.”

But then Fowler noticed that the waiter had handed her friend an old menu,
which didn’t have calorie counts on it.

“You got a menu without anything on it?” she asked her friend.
“Can I have yours?”

The mentality of the woman mentioned above is a common one.
She would like to feel guilt-free while eating high-calorie foods.

It does feel great not to be responsible for our poor food choices.
It is difficult to be Accountable for the food choices we make.

However, Calories always count,

whether one consciously chooses to control calorie intake
by actually counting them,


whether one chooses to unconsciously control calorie intake
by limiting the amount of food they eat,
........through counting points or food exchanges; the nutritional content of their food; or the frequency of their eating events.

The fact that Calories always count
is an unpopular, rather unpleasant, Truth that many would like to forget,
and I sometimes experience hostility from people for the reminder.

There are some people whose bodies allow them to control their calorie input
by the implementation of a few rules.
and within those simple rules or guidelines, their bodies show them what to eat.
One of these ways is commonly known as "intuitive eating".

Some people think everyone is born with that ability, however,
there are a great many adults whose bodies lack that capability.
Those people need to exercise more conscious control of their food intake.

There are many ways to limit calories without counting them,
and some of those ways can bring great success.
I personally have found a way to make calorie counting an enjoyable Habit.

I keep a food journal in my computer.
Every day I click a few buttons to enter all my food, and my software program
DietPower, tells me my calories and other nutritional values.
In this way I become aware of my eating Truth.

I am Accountable for all my food choices.
I've been on many different "diets" or "food plans",
but for the past six and on-half years, I have detailed records of exactly what I've done,
and the choices I've made.  This is what I've done to be successful.

To be Accountable is a difficult, adult thing.
But whether we count calories, or limit the calories of our food intake in some other way,
Calorie Accountability is necessary for successful weight-control.

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 16, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
The isle of denial has many ports of call. I need to record my food daily, weigh daily, then the following day, on Fitday, I note my total calorie/carb consumption along with weight gain/loss in the journal section and see if something is obvious for the result and other symptoms as well. I have done this for over a year. All of this takes a few minutes of the day. But it forces me, whether I like it or not, to own my behaviors, adjust if needed, then move on. I can not sail into being fat unawares. If I chose to be fat, it will be a conscious, deliberate choice. That is the question I face now- Will I chose to be fat again in the future? My hope, is the ongoing habit of portion controlled and better cal/carb choices will help me stay trim until I die. I also actively read and study health and nutrtion, from a variety of angles. is an excellent resource for the well being of my entire family.

On Apr 16, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, Your attitude and behavior is exactly what is needed for successful maintenance, and thanks for your kind words about DietHobby.

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