Happy Valentine's Day

- POSTED ON: Feb 14, 2011



The creation and use of this website feels like one big present to me
from the Universe. This is one of those happy, grateful times that
I work to fix in my memory to offset those times that are less pleasant.
All of us have lives that contain both the good and the bad,
.....and for me.....today the good is predominant.
For me, Valentine's Day has always equaled Candy.
Flowers, jewelry, lingerie are all good....but a box of candy, preferably heart shaped, is my focus.
My lifetime position has been that other presents are nice extras,
but I really want that candy.
Those chocolates usually come to me every Valentine's day....even if I have to buy them for myself.

This year I told my husband that I didn't want that heart-shaped box of chocolates. 
Normally if I make that statement to him, I don't really mean it.
What I mean is: "I know eating that candy will cause weight-gain and I don't want to be fat."
and my true belief is..."If you don't get me candy, you don't love me, and you think I'm too fat."

This year feels different.  This year I really meant it, and the only reason I can see for that 
is my current low-carb experiment. I've been working on this since New Year's, sometimes
successfully, and sometimes not. For more than a week I've had no refined carbs,
and...in fact...no complex carbs except specific vegetables.
I find that I don't crave candy the way I normally do...although I do allow myself
tiny amounts of artificially sweetened candy at times. 

This "sugarless" candy is still high-calorie, and is full of artificial ingredients.
It certainly isn't "real food", and is probably bad for me.  However, it's value to me is that it
tastes sweet, without causing me to crave more
...plus a lot of sugar-alcohol is known
to have a laxative effect. That potential for immediate gastric distress encourages me
to eat only very, very small amounts of it.
I'm planning to have one Russell Stover sugar-free Strawberry cream chocolate today....

maybe two...because after all,....it is Valentine's day.
My web-designer-developer-genius is my son,
and he has been busily working to get this site operational.
There are still things that need to be done, but I just couldn't wait to start posting here,
Please excuse any temporary glitches, and tell me about any problems that you experience. 

My son also writes, produces and shoots videos regularly and I've decided to share
the following Valentine's Day video with you, although it wasn't intended for me or for this site.
I find it amusing, and relevant.  Since every chocolate contains about 100 calories,
I was interested in whether or not the actress was concerned about that.  My son told me
that when off camera, she spit most of it out.   I  was pleased because that is the definition of
"chew and spit", which is officially defined as an eating disorder, and is something
I'm going to discuss here in detail...along with anorexia, bulimia, and bingeing....at some later time.

Disclaimer here: I love my son, but we have very different lifestyles. I do NOT normally watch
his "Exotic Jess" videos.  It is my understanding that they are a bit suggestive, but they are 
not "adult" videos. I've seen only a very few of them and if you choose  to access any 
that are not posted on this site, you're probably watching videos that I've never seen. 

Leave me a comment.

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Existing Comments:

On Feb 14, 2011 Sienna wrote:
Congratulations on the blog!

On Feb 14, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Sienna, Thanks for coming by. I look forward to your participation here.

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