Beauty is Subjective

- POSTED ON: Jun 09, 2011

Everybody wants to be beautiful,
but the definition of beauty is subjective.

Beauty is always judged by the receiver, but each of us
has an “inner-observer” that helps provide objectivity,
which is how individual perceptions of beauty,
....which factor in other characteristics such as personality and intelligence, ....
are often aggregated to form a consensus opinion.

Although beauty is subjective, our notion of what is beautiful
is also greatly influenced by the media, which leads us all to think
that having a fat free and svelte body is the ideal figure.

In fact, beauty is actually a combination of all the qualities of a person;
the things that delight the senses and
please the mind intellectually or emotionally.

In no particular order, here are a few things
to remind us how beautiful we truly are:

• Love makes you beautiful.
• Your good manners contribute to beauty.
• You’ve got a unique way of doing things and that makes you beautiful.
• Your eyes, hair, mouth, legs, shape make you beautiful.
• Your kindness and warmth makes you beautiful.
• Your smile makes you beautiful.
• Your good heart makes you beautiful.
• Your soothing or husky voice makes you beautiful.
• Your patience and empathy makes you beautiful.

• Your interest in others makes you beautiful.
• Your fashion sense and style makes you attractive.
• Your ripped abs and muscles makes you attractive.
• Your charisma makes you look beautiful.
• Pregnancy makes you beautiful.
• Your height (tall, short or average) makes you beautiful
• Depending on how you present them, at times even your flaws make you beautiful.
• Your friendly personality makes you beautiful.
• Your positive attitude to life makes you beautiful.
• The way you toss your hair, keep your nails, shrug your shoulders,
................walk upright, all contribute toward making you beautiful.
• Your specific interests play a role in your beauty.
• Your humility also makes you beautiful.
• Your overwhelming charm makes you beautiful.
• Your healthy eating habits make you beautiful.
• Your nice smell contributes to what makes you attractive.
• Wearing bright colors make you beautiful.
• Celebrating others and giving sincere compliments adds to your beauty.
• Your talents make you beautiful.
• Your thoughtfulness makes you beautiful.

Regardless of how you define beauty, you’re right.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…it’s subjective.
Nobody can prove that what you see as beautiful is wrong.

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