The Power to Change

- POSTED ON: May 01, 2011


On Saturday afternoon I was lying on my bed with my laptop,
feeling a bit out of sorts about the interruption to my activities
due to my broken wrist, along with a bit of self-pity for my physical discomfort.

I decided to seek some online words of comfort and inspiration,
and I did an advanced Google search of the words:

“Inspiration, motivation, comfort, recovery broken wrist”.

On  Google's search results, page 2, I found MYSELF here at DietHobby
…one of this week’s articles. 
I was amused, more than comforted, but perhaps that was actually what I needed.

I also found an article that told me to nurture my spirit.
It told me to take care of myself and remember what makes me feel good:

Comfort comes in a variety of ways and uses some or all of our senses:

the touch of feather pillows and a soft comforter while resting on an overstuffed sofa;

the sight of the stunning beauty of the colors of creation;

the smell of freshly cut lawns or flowers;

the sound of birds singing, wind chimes, relaxing music, or a phone call from a kind friend;

the taste of favorite comfort foods.”

 Okay…the taste issue got my attention. It seemed to be the most immediately appealing.
However, in my past I’ve frequently experienced the taste issue, and doing that made me really Fat
…so I chose to direct my Focus toward a different way of comfort and distraction.

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Existing Comments:

On May 01, 2011 wrote:
I've been out of the loop here a bit. Sorry to hear about your wrist. Hope it gets all better real soon. Susie

On May 01, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Susie, Thanks for your good wishes.

On May 06, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
Dr Collins, Hope your wrist heals rapidly.

On May 06, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks, Harry.

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