Food and Money

- POSTED ON: Mar 18, 2011

Food and money have a great deal in common.
A specific amount of money goes into my bank account each month,
and that is the amount of money I have to pay my bills and
meet my needs each month.

If I want to save up for a trip or a treat,
I have to budget my money, and do without spending the amount I need to save.
Frequently I also feel like spending more money than I have in my bank account,
I have that choice. There are ways I can accomplish this.
But, making a choice to spend as much as I want,
will lead to negative consequences . . . making my life difficult to deal with.
That fact and that situation will not change, even though I may hate it.


My body uses a specific amount of food each day/week/month,
that is the amount of food I need to put into it.
If I want to reduce my size,
I have to eat LESS food than my body uses to create an energy deficit.

I can choose to live within my energy allowance or not.
Frequently I also feel like eating more food than my body can use,
I have that choice.
But, making a choice to eat as much as I want,
will lead to negative consequences., i.e. even more stored fat.
The fact and situation will not change, even though I may hate it.

 As a mature adult human being,
I know that frequently I simply can't have my own way.
This is true of spending money, and of eating food.
There has to be some form of self-regulation...with both money and food.

If one chooses not to count calories, following a specifically defined
food-plan is a good way to self-regulate food.

However, even one Bingeing day a week,
can easily provide the body with more energy than one's body can use in that entire week.
To give any Diet, or food-plan,  a Chance, one needs to actually follow it.

I am not a fan of Intuitive Eating Concepts
and in future Blogs, I will have much to say about the idea 
of letting one's body tell one what, when, and how much to eat
based one's perception of hunger.

I am very familiar with the issue of  Hunger,
and I have found that  when dieting,
Appetite, not Hunger, is the most difficult problem to overcome.

Personally, I've found temporary physical Hunger to be the least important issue
in determining whether I can successfully follow a diet,
because one's stomach (and one's brain) quickly becomes used to
being fed a certain amount at a certain time,
IF the amount and the time are consistent.

There are "stretch receptors" in one's stomach,
and if one eats an equal volume 3 times a day,
one's stomach (and brain) will adapt to that amount and timing.
When one is overweight and not in danger of actual Starvation,
Physical Hunger is a problem that can be rather easily resolved,
and  rarely seems to be the primary cause of either Overeating, or Obesity.

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Existing Comments:

On Mar 18, 2011 wrote:
I spend too much and eat too much. I hate being hungry.

On Mar 18, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Abby, you are not alone with that. These are problems that are common to many people. The first step is to recognize a problem. The next is to learn HOW to overcome it. Next, it takes work to put what one has learned into practice.

On Mar 21, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
I use this analogy all of the time both for myself and others when they ask me how many calories or carbs they should be eating. While at my moms during spring break break, I gained 6.2#. I went from 122.8# to 129# for 5'8.5" 48 yr women. Avg calories during this time 2415. Avg net carbs 193.4 grams. DH was shocked I gained so much on "such low values". For him and others they are low. For me they are too high. I knew this trip was coming and I definitely dieted down to a low weight to absorb this bounce. Similarily, we budgeted ahead of time (cash in hand) for the trip. When we returned home, we easily balanced our register and moved on. As we do not use credit cards, there are no bills that will come due in a few weeks. Did I want to see the bounce up. No, but if I subcumbed to the desire of avoiding the scale, tomorrow it would be up again, instead of it going back down. My personal question is how long does it take to bounce back down doing very low cal/carb=vlcc. Then I need to decide if the cost is worth it. This time it was. DH&I have a 2 week cruise coming up. I have not decided my yet what my budget (weight will be). Trip is already budgeted for.

On Mar 21, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Way to Go, Karen. I'm interested in knowing more about your cruise plans, and how you plan to manage your food during that vacation. Will this be your first cruise since losing your excess weight?

On Mar 21, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
This is my first cruise and I am interested too:-) My usual techniques with travelin will not be available to me. It might be like my money, I just need to pile up as much of a cushion as I can because it is once in a lifetime. I will keep to my usual rules of no starchy sides. That is a big help with cal/carbs. However, my crack is sugar and chocolately desserts. About a month later, we will be heading to Destin for family beach vacation. I again will want some cushion and I do not think a month of vlcc will be enough. I am watching my weight bounce downwrds closely now to help me gauge. regardless of my food selection, I will continue to log everything I eat. If nothing else, I have more data to work with because, even if I ate wild (which is about 2500-3000/day calories) I did not get fat over eating for 3 weeks. No it was more like decades of ignorance for me:-(

On Mar 21, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, it looks to me like you have the right idea. I will be interested in watching your efforts and results involved with your cruise. I personally think a Cruise is the most challenging vacation for those who are watching their food-intake.

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