Diets Work

- POSTED ON: Jan 29, 2013

We need to stop lying to ourselves and quit swallowing all of the media headlines.
Diets aren’t bad, and we aren’t starving or ruining our metabolisms.
Chances are you won’t lose weight fast.
Stop wasting time looking for a silver bullet.
It’s not there.

   The word “diet” means the stuff one eats.
Everyone is on some sort of diet.

Diets, meaning calorie restriction, DO work.
If we restrict what we eat below what we need each day to run our bodies,
the scale will move. If not, hurry over to a research lab
and let them write you up in a medical journal,
because you’ve figured out how to create energy from nothing.

Adopting some TEMPORARY habits, losing weight,
and then picking up those previous habits again doesn’t work.
The weight always returns.
Live one way, lose weight. Live another way, gain weight. 
Go figure.
Diets work.
While you’re arguing with me about it, I’ll be watching my calories.

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On Jan 29, 2013 jethro wrote:
Right on the money Dr. Collins. I'm not arguing.

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