I Don't Feel Like It.

- POSTED ON: Mar 14, 2012

How do we one persuade ourselves
to change our behavior
when we don't feel like it?

This is a tough one.

It helps to notice how we talk to ourselves.
Do we give ourselves commands?

It can help to stop giving ourselves orders.
Instead work to be specific about what's to be done and why,
and to turn one's attention to why eating appropriately is important.

Change the self-command to a self-request.
Work to keep the reasons "why" at the front of the mind.

It helps to back up our self-requests with solid reasons.
Add the word "because" to the request.

If your mind says…"You shouldn't snack"
add a reason like…" because you'll regret it later",
or…"because you're still going to want to eat a full dinner",
or…"because snacking is going to lead to weight gain which will make your back ache more"

Be specific about the behavior you need to do,
and turn your attention to your reasons for it.
Keep these reasons at the front of your mind,
and don't let them slip out of awareness.

WIll this help?

This morning I posted a new Diet Wisdom video,
Bodyweight Percenages 
which is located at DietHobby, under DIET WISDOM,  Basics.

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