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At present I have a broken wrist
which causes the temporary loss of activities that I enjoy.

My injury is healing, which makes my situation temporary,
but all of us experience losses that are permanent.

Some of them are enormous losses, others are small.
People move away or die; relationships and jobs change;
children age, time passes and our own bodies begin wearing out;
favorite stores close; even favorite TV shows are canceled.

When we recognize we have lost something that was valuable to us,
and that it is gone forever, we feel sad.

When we can turn our thoughts to the future
and leave the past behind, 
we have accepted the loss and can get on with our lives.

Hope is the belief that things will get better.
Hope is the antidote to despair.

A positive way of looking at the losses in our lives
is that the loss helps us see more clearly the value of what we have lost.

When we suffer a loss, what remains after the loss
is the essence of that which we have lost.

If we have lost a person through death,
we have lost only the physical sense of that person.
What we will always have within us is the essence of that person.

Or if we have lost something that seems like a part of ourselves,
such as a job or a relationship, or a place etc.,
what remains within us
are all the experiences and memories that we gained
through that work, that relationship, or that location itself. 

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Existing Comments:

On May 13, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
Good morning Phyllis :) I am looking forward to the loss of unwanted lbs and I hope to look & feel better because of my loss :) I am sorry to report that I didn't develop the habit of checking your Your Tube channel daily however I did sit through 5 daily thinspirations since Tuesday and I am looking forward to a new one tmw <3 Will talk to you soon wishing you a wonderful day :)

On May 13, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Kimberly, Yes I agree that a weight loss is one of those losses that make us happy. Glad you are looking at my daily Thinspiration Moments.

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