Status Update - August 2013

- POSTED ON: Aug 01, 2013

I am now in my 8th maintenance year.
This morning the scale says I'm
122.4 lbs (BMI = 23.9)

 To see what Maintenance is like for me. Click the links below:  

About Me

Running Down the Up Escalator

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Existing Comments:

On Aug 01, 2013 Alma wrote:
You are doing great! Blue is your color and I know the green is more desirable but you are in a comfort range!

On Aug 02, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thank you Alma. Being in the Blue is a definite positive, but I couldn't call it comfortable. =)... For the past two months, I've been involved in another one of my diet experiments, working like H--- to eat "Low-carb High-fat Moderate Protein", while keeping my daily calorie average within the 900 calorie range to get back into my Blue area.

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