Value Judgment

- POSTED ON: Mar 17, 2011

There are people who think Portion Control is bad because it requires them to limit the amounts they eat.  Good or Bad, in most cases, is simply a Value Judgment. I like something...It's Good. I hate something...It's Bad.

we can always find reasons to justify all of our Value Judgments.  Many Facts of Life are not Good or Bad. They Just Are. They Exist.

By definition, an Obese person takes in More food intake than that person's body requires to maintain a Normal weight.
The Reason this happens is really still unknown. although Taubes presents a good argument in support of his Theory. See his book, "Why We Get Fat" being discussed here in BOOKTALK.

Some people say the Cause is physiological.. that Obesity is due to a Genetic dysfunction, or a "raised set point", or some other unknown physical factor, an obese person's appetite control system doesn't operate properly. Specifically, that person has a body with a defective fat regulation system, and one symptom of this condition is physical hunger for more food than the body requires.

Some people say the Cause is psychological...that Obesity is due to Gluttony and Sloth.. and that this behavior can come from ignorance, or from Cultural influence, or from some unknown deeply emotional Dysfunction.

Whether Obesity has a physiological or psychological cause..... the only way a person who is Obese can become normal weight is tosomehow manage to Eat Less.

The term "Portion Control" is simply a shortcut way to define the process of "consciously and actively monitoring the Amount of one's Food Intake"

The Obese person's Body does not want to eat less. ...(Usually, the Obese person's Mind doesn't want to do it either.)....

Eating whatever food substance one wishes to eat.... in an amount that will satisfy an Obese person's physical and emotional appetites.... won’t result in that Obese person becoming, or maintaining, a normal weight.

It's just a Fact.

Call it Good. Call it Bad. It is just a Truth of Life.

I find that in order to find satisfaction and peace in Life, I must reach the point of Acceptance of these, sometimes unpleasant, Truths. Once I Accept a Truth, I can choose how I'm going to deal with it.  But Denial of Life's Truth...and rationalizing it away from my consciousness... takes away my Freedom to control and change my behaviors in response to that Truth.

To reach peace of mind while refusing to Accept Life's Truth requires me to mentally Distort that Truth via rationalization. Holding on to a Distorted belief, or perspective, about the way an Obese body functions, can certainly keep an Obese person fat.

Portion Control...which is defined above...involves self-denial.
It requires one to deny one's Obese, or Reduced Obese, Body the Amount of food it requires for complete satisfaction.  It takes much Effort. It is work.

If I'm blind because I've lost my eyes,  but choose to believe they'll regrow themselves soon, I probably won't do the work it takes to learn Braille.

If I believe that somehow, through some magical process, I can give my Obese or Reduced obese Body all types of food, in the amounts that it takes for that Body to always register Satisfaction, I'm not going to do the work it takes to control the amount of food I eat in order to reduce my Obese body, or keep my Reduced Obese body a normal weight.
However, I am going to be working.Because it is going to take a great deal of Mental Work to find some way to sustain my irrational belief system which every day must face the Reality of Life's Truth.

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Existing Comments:

On Mar 17, 2011 TexArk wrote:
This post is a keeper...thank you for very well thought out points. The only thing missing is your emoticon of the head banging against a wall....the way I feel when I try to rationally explain reality to someone who does not want to see or hear yet. It is also a reminder to me for those other areas of my life where I need to reach acceptance of facts and thereby peace of mind.

On Mar 17, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks, TexArk. I do love that emoticon of a head banging against a brick wall. It demonstrates so clearly how I sometimes feel.

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