The Skinny One

- POSTED ON: Dec 03, 2011




As strange as it may seem
to those of us who suffer from easy weight-gain,
there are those people who have the opposite issue.

Below I share an edited request that I received 
from a young person who has that problem,
along with my response.


"I would like some good tips on how to gain weight. 
I'm "the skinny one" and sometimes get made fun of.
I go to fast food places and put lots of butter in my food
but it doesn't do you know of any kind of food
that makes you have an appetite and makes you eat more?
because i lose my appetite easily for some reason"

Your genetics is probably the reason you are thin.

Your body could be extra efficient at burning calories,
which in our modern society of too much fattening food around us,
is a really good thing. 

Many people are very envious of that quality,
and wish that they had it themselves,
this is probably why they make negative comments about it. 

It is probably a bad idea to purposely try to gain weight.
First, because your body is really efficient,
it knows what it needs.

Unfortunately, the plan I suggest that you use doesn't work for fat people,
but in your personal case, if you make certain to eat around 40 grams
of proteins, or more, every day like meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and cheese,
your body will tell you how much of the other kinds of foods to eat along with it. 

The other reason it's a bad idea to TRY to gain weight,
is that you can't choose WHERE on your body that this fat will go.
Genetics also controls that, and all of those marketing claims
about exercising to put weight on or take it off only in certain 
spots are total lies.
So the fat could go right to your belly, or to your waist or thighs,
instead of being distributed in a way that you would find attractive. 

Finally, you are very young, and time seems to take care of extreme thinness.
..even when we wish that it would not.
There are many older overweight people
who were very thin as children, teenagers, or young adults. 

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