Calories vs. Money

- POSTED ON: Sep 28, 2011

Many people think of calories like money in the bank.
We get x number of calories a day to “spend”
(taking into account height/weight, age, gender & activity level).
Valuable little commodities to do with what you will.

Living the thin lifestyle, I also tend to think of calories
like having money in the bank,
and how I get to decide to spend those calories every day.

I track my calorie bank account with my computer software program.
It makes life a little more manageable,
and is extremely helpful for weight-loss and for weight maintenance.

We can also compare calories to money in the following way.

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On Sep 29, 2011 wrote:
I guess I'm not committed to such a low weight yet that I would have to think about it so much. I'm still working with how much food/random choices are needed for all-around pleasure on the weekends, but until I've had more time just being at peace with the moderate habits I aim at, I don't dwell on this aspect of eating that much anymore. My thoughts have to do more with how do I keep myself with being concerned with food until it's really necessary so that I can have a life beyond food? Speaking of that, off to yoga!

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