What One Believes

- POSTED ON: Jul 12, 2011

Weight-loss and maintenance of that weight-loss
depends on our food-intake and exercise,
which involves the physical process of weight-loss.

There is also a mental side to successful weight-loss,
and people talk a lot about motivation,
which is a way where we can be driven
to start a weight-loss plan and stick to it.

However, the basis of the ability to see a weight-loss
process through is Faith...or what one believes. 

Faith is an underlying force which gives strength to succeed
in changing our bodies.  It is also the driving force
we need to make changes in any area.

At the beginning of a diet,
we need to have faith that we will succeed.
Otherwise we can't really get going.

No one tries something without at least a litle belief
in his or her ability to achieve their goals.
We don't need to be certain of our success,
but we do need to have faith that it is in our ability to achieve it.

Wanting to lose weight is a good start,
but we then it's time for a decision.
We need to choose one plan over another,...even if it is for a limited time...
and put faith in someone, or in some system.
In the end we have to trust someone and something.

There is a saying: "When the Going Get's Tough,
the Tough Get Going", but it isn't the tough that keep going,
it's those people with Faith.

Unless we have faith, we are likely to fall apart
and retreat wheever we face a difficulty.
And difficulties will come, they can't be avoided.

Weight-loss depends on making lifestyle changes and breaking old habits.
It is like swimming against the current of the river or the ocean.
It is much easier to keep doing the things we are used to doing,
regardless of the impact on our bodies and our health.

A few suggestions to help find faith are:

Remember our past successes.
This isn't the first time we have achieved something,
either in school, at work, or in our personal lives.
If we have achieved something in our past,
there's no reason why we can't lose weight.

None of us is THAT different.
Other people find ways to lose weight and keep it off,
and so can we. We aren't that different or that much weaker
than many other people.

Take a blind leap.
In a way, not doing anything is failing.
Not doing anything is failing to make a change.
Sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith,
to try something out and hope for the best.

Faith isn't something we're born with.
It is something we develop over time.
Each of us has the power to change ourselves
to be someone who has faith in themselves.

Ultimately, what matters is what we, ourselves, believe.

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