Foods to Avoid

- POSTED ON: Jan 25, 2013

Bistro Shrimp Pasta (The Cheesecake Factory)
This dish might seem like a healthy choice because of the shrimp, mushrooms and arugula. However, at 3,120 calories it's the most caloric thing on the menu—yes, even more than the cheesecakes.

Crispy Chicken Costoletta (The Cheesecake Factory)
The meal sounds harmless with its "lightly breaded" chicken breasts, mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus, but the meal packs 2,610 calories. The dish has more calories than any steak, chop or burger meal on The Cheesecake Factory's menu

18-ounce Veal Porterhouse (Maggiano’s Little Italy)
Is it really necessary to eat six times the amount of a normal serving of veal in one sitting? Maggiano's thinks so: This colossally large portion of meat weighs in at 1,900 calories. And that's without any sides!

Little Italy Chocolate Zuccotto Cake (Maggiano's)
There's nothing like a little dessert to end a meal. But there's nothing ''little'' about this cake: It provides 1,820 calories.

Country Fried Steak & Eggs (IHOP)
This herculean meal includes 8 ounces of fried steak with country gravy, but it doesn't stop there! You also get to pile on two eggs, hash browns and two buttermilk pancakes. That filling feast comes with a nutritional cost of 1,760 calories.


Baby Back Ribs (Full Rack) with Shiner Bock BBQ Sauce (Chili's)
Eating this rack of ribs would supply you with the nutritional equivalent of two Chili's Classic Sirloin Steak dinners with mashed potatoes—plus another 10-ounce Classic Sirloin Steak on the side. This meal tips the scales at 1,660 calories. If you order the Homestyle Fries and Cinnamon Apples to complete your meal, you increase the damage to over 2,300 calories


Johnny Rockets' Bacon Cheddar Double
Johnny Rockets' Bacon Cheddar Double burger is served along with its Sweet Potato Fries and Big Apple Shake, which actually contains a slice of apple pie. That meal delivers a total of 3,500 calories.





Smoothie King's
Peanut Power Plus Grape Smoothie

Smoothie King combines peanut butter, banana, sugar, and grape juice in its Peanut Power Plus Grape Smoothie. A 40-oz. order of the smoothie contains 1,460 calories









Uno Chicago Grill's Deep Dish Macaroni & 3-Cheese
Uno's Deep Dish Macaroni is made up of four cups of pasta, cheddar, Parmesan and Romano cheeses along with Alfredo sauce and a Ritz Cracker topping. The meal contains 1,980 calories.


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Existing Comments:

On Jan 26, 2013 Kae wrote:
oh my ... i am soo bad (n this is probably y i'm almost 70 lbs overweight) ... i'm actually looking at all this yummy food w/the outrageous calorie counts n thinking "well if that was all i ate all day ..." bad kae bad kae bad kae ;-) wishing you a wonderful weekend w/all the willpower you need to avoid any and all of these yummy looking but diet busting foods :-)

On Jan 26, 2013 jethro wrote:
Great pics Dr. Collins. Bring more. Although they are high in calories nobody can force me to eat it all at once. I could eat a little bit and have the rest packed to take it home "for the dog." ;)

On Jan 26, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
Kae & Jethro, Eating only small portion of such a meal would probably be the ONLY answer... But, these are SO high calorie, the portion would need to be FAR LESS THAN HALF. If I were careful with my own calories for the rest of the day, I could eat about 1/6 ONE-SIXTH of the Cheesecake Factory meals, or about 1/10 ONE-TENTH of the piece of chocolate cake. This would be a difficult thing for me to do, and if I chose to bring the rest home in a doggie bag, at home, I'd need to divide the remaining 5/6 of the dinner into 5 individual packages for the freezer, and 9/10 of the cake into 9 individual packages for the freezer... Then I have all that high-calorie temptation inside my house. To go through that, I'd have to REALLY WANT that particular food VERY badly.

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