So You Want To Lose Weight?

- POSTED ON: Mar 06, 2011


The following video, "So You Want To Lose Weight?"is an amusing depiction of a conversation between a Dietitian and an Client seeking weight-loss advice.

It contains the obvious message, which is intendedwhich is that people don't want to do the work of changing the way the eat and exercise, and expect weight-loss Results without making an Effort to change that Behavior

together with a totally unintended additional message.

This video contains an excellent example of how the Health Care Industry continues to distribute erroneous information about low-carbohydrate eating which is based on "bad Science", and which has now been refuted. 

Which part of the conventional wisdom provided by the Dietitian is incorrect? The statement that the Atkins diet (low-carb eating) causes kidney damage in healthy people has definitely been proven to be wrong. 

How about the rest?  What is true? and What is untrue? I don't really know for sure. 
You'll need to judge that for yourself.

For more information on the low-carb issue, review the discussionof "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubes located at
BOOKTALK, and if you feel like making some comments in that discussion, please do so.


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Existing Comments:

On Mar 06, 2011 wrote:
That is too funny !!! I know so many people like that.

On Mar 06, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Valerie, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

On Mar 08, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
I know this attitude well. I have seen it with families in debt up to their eyeballs, fat people, people with health issues who do not do what they need to do, couples struggling in their marriages, etc.. DSIL & DD paid off over $93K in debt in a year. I have constantly told him, he did the hardest thing in the world, look in the mirror and say the problem is with the guy in the reflection. He did the second hardest thing, learn & do something he did not know before. Then the third hardest thing, implement this knowledge. Very few people are able to do this, I have found. A bit pessimistic but true nonetheless. Complaining is much easier and less challenging.

On Mar 08, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, Attitude is so very important. That "something for nothing" attitude is a great hinderance to weight-loss.

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