Secrets of the Sugar Industry

- POSTED ON: Nov 07, 2012

Gary Taubes has written a new article on how Big Sugar promotes and defends its produce, entitled: "Big Sugar and Sweet Little Lies".

Taubes is a top-notch science journalist, who has written for Discover, Science, and the New York Times Magazine, and is the author of the 2011 best-seller “Why We Get Fat” which is featured here on DietHobby in the section BOOKTALK. He is currently writing a book about sugar.

Gary Taubes also discusses the Sugar Industry’s Secrets in the video below.

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Existing Comments:

On Nov 07, 2012 wrote:
I have Gary Taubes book. I wholeheartedly agree with his findings on 'refined sugar'and do not use any added sugar.

On Nov 07, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi John, I'm a big fan of Gary Taubes, and have enjoyed reading his books and articles, and watching videos of his interviews. Anyone who watches very many of my videos will know that I frequently use the artificial sweetener, SPLENDA; however, on some occasions, I do still make the choice to eat sugar-sweetened foods.

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