Here to Answer Your Questions - Ask Grandma - Episode One

- POSTED ON: Apr 14, 2012

 Introduction of "Ask Grandma" by Dr. Collins, your online Grandma.  
Episode One.

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On Apr 17, 2012 kimberchick wrote:
ur so cute :-) I luv this idea ... I'll def b watching a you tube grandma video during my daily visit to DietHobby <3

On Apr 17, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thank you. Last year, after I broke my arm and couldn't video Recipes, my son suggested that I start this YouTube Grandma video series. I've been making these Ask Grandma videos since then, and they have become quite popular on my YouTube DietHobby channel. In the past I've posted them all here at DietHobby website under RESOURCES, Videos, Ask Grandma, but have now decided to feature them in a special Section here. This involves quite a bit of time and effort, and I wish I didn't have to spam people's inboxes with them as I do this, but those extra e-mails will stop as soon as I catch up to last week - Episode 43 - posted. Hopefully everyone will be patient until then. I think this GRANDMA DietHobby section will be of interest to many people of all ages, and it's time to give Grandma her own home here. <3

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