The Scale and the Big Picture

- POSTED ON: Feb 19, 2011


The Scale is a weight-measuring tool

Body fat is only a part of the scale number.
The scale measures the weight of everything in the body,
including all our bones and tissues, along with the
water and waste products that the body contains
at the time that we step on that scale.

Eating salty foods will affect the body's salt/water/waste levels for several days.
So will bowel functions. There are other functions of the body that involve
the body’s water levels as well. This means that the scale will sometimes
register higher numbers than it will at other times.
It is the Big Picture that counts, 
rather than one’s weight on one individual day.

Here is an example of how the Scale can change from day to day,
This is a graph that shows my own daily weights from spring 2009
thru mid February 2011. This weight range is between 109 -128 lbs.

Weight bounces happen.
Everyone has salt/water/waste issues.
Some have them more than others.
It is a RESULT,
a function of the body that is essentially outside one's control.

I’ve been tracking my food and my weight in my DietPower food journal
for more than six years, which has given me an enormous amount of detailed
personal data. As part of my hobby, I play around with that data, making various
graphs and charts.

Weight bounces are so common for me,
that a perfectly consistent weight is unusual.
This morning a comparison chart I’ve been running,
showed something that, for my body, is remarkable.
This graphic shows my weights on 2/19, for the years 2008-2009-2010-2011.

Due to my frequent bounces, the fact that each of these 4 year records show me
in the same lb range on the same date is incredibly unusual.
I was pleased to see this specific evidence of successful weight-loss maintenance.

If you are interested in seeing examples of day-to-day scale variations
You can access a great deal of that data by going to my
and clicking the links to the charts and graphs contained there.

 Some of those links show my Maintenance numbers during 2006
through 2010 in detail, and show the differences between my highest weight of
each month, and my lowest weight of each month. This will show you that it is
common for me, during any one month, to have a bounce range of 8 or more lbs.
As I am over age 60, these weight fluctuations are not due to "female monthly issues".

These links will also show you my average monthly calorie intake,
and the gain/loss from the first day of each month to the last day of each month.
These numbers indicate that my bounce range is not explained by calorie excess.

I’ve posted my weights daily on the DietPower Challenge Forum for many years,
and shared my daily bouncing activity etc. After time, I got tired of "excusing" and
"explaining" my frequent gains and losses to new forum members,
and I now choose to share my weight on that forum by posting on a variable basis,
but normally at least once a week. This tends to show my "stabilized" weights,
instead of my extreme highs and lows. However, inside my links,
I still share that average monthly data.

 Weight Bounces Happen
Bounces are not EFFORT or BEHAVIOR
and therefore, are not under one's personal control.
...They are simply a RESULT, an OUTCOME,
which is not under one’s personal control.

There could be many reasons why one’s weight bounces.
One's Body Water shifts continually, due to salt and for other reasons.
Sometimes when one eats very low calorie, or low carb,
and engages in heavy exercise,
one drops a lot of water along with fat,
and one's body eventually replaces that water.
At times, one's intestines sometimes contain more than other times.
i.e. Salt/Water/Waste issues.

Although most of us know this in our Minds.
Our hearts …emotions… have difficulty accepting that Truth.
This is one basic reason why more people don't lose weight,
or maintain their weight-loss.

Losing weight or maintaining weight-loss takes an enormous amount
of Consistency and Patience, along with some Faith....
and personally, I often find Faith to be the most difficult.


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Existing Comments:

On Feb 23, 2011 wrote:
I really hate weighing myself, and I do it as little as possible.

On Feb 26, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Abby, whatever works for you is the right way.

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