Memorial Day - 2015
- POSTED ON: May 25, 2015

On Vacation
- POSTED ON: May 06, 2015

Other People's Nonsense
- POSTED ON: May 05, 2015

Goals & BubbleGum
- POSTED ON: May 04, 2015

Most of us get rid of our bubblegum once the taste is gone.
 Why don’t we do this with our goals?

Having goals only makes sense as long as they taste good.

Once they lose their flavor do we get rid of them?  People could ask:  “So how do you get anything done?” There are several ways to answer that question, and one of them might be “what if life isn’t about getting stuff done?”.

I do stuff, and stuff gets done. What is the point of pursuing a goal that doesn’t make sense any more?  Just because a goal made sense to me before, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will continue to make sense forever. I've found that chewing gum just to have something in my mouth isn’t really that much fun.

    •    What makes sense to you?
    •    How do you make sense out of what to do and what not to do?
    •    Who do you ask to get the answer to this question?

Continuing on with the metaphor of: Gum = Goals …

As long as I like to chew gum, I will do that; but I'll also listen to information from my senses. This will help me choose which flavor of gum I want to put in my mouth. This can inform me not to chew a whole lot of pieces of gum at the same time. This helps me realize when the gum has lost its taste. Sometimes this can help me avoid putting gum into my mouth in the first place after being offered a piece.

Which gum are you chewing? How does it taste? Once it stops tasting good, you might want to lose it.  Remember, there is more to life than chewing gum.

- POSTED ON: May 03, 2015


I’ve been researching the Three Principles concept and how it might be useful to me in my struggles with food and weight. This has led me to reflect on the issue of beliefs… the beliefs that we all carry around with us.

A belief is just an idea that, for various reasons, we have picked up and entertained. Basically, we’ve picked up a thought and repeated it inside our heads so many times that we come to believe it is true. When people hear or see something a great many times, they often mistakenly consider it to be Truth.

We are often totally unaware of many of the beliefs we carry around, and even when we see how they limit us, we are not inclined to let them go.

If we feel really threatened we can think some seriously stupid things in order to defend our Beliefs. Like: “I’d rather be dead than be fat”.  Even if we don’t mean it literally (although some people do), and that statement merely resonates within us, there’s no mistaking the fact that a Core Belief is inside us, which is a belief we are willing to fight for.

We tend to protect our beliefs because even when we know they limit us, they give us a feeling of safety. Sometimes we don’t care how strange we might act, or how miserable we make ourselves, just as long as we feel safe.

We have blind spots about many of our beliefs. Deep down inside we might know they’re there, but at best, we only can get a sense of them. They hide in the shadows of our minds, creating confusion with whispering voices. While not all beliefs cause discomfort, it could be useful to be able to see the ones that do.

Recently, I heard a Three Principles person say:

…That the first step to freedom from our limiting and unwanted beliefs is to see them; that when they become clear to us, it is easy to determine which ones we might wish to keep, and which ones we want to get rid of.

…That once we see the true nature of such a belief, it goes away all by itself,…. because it is merely an idea, made of thought. And because beliefs=thoughts have no life of their own they hold no power over us once we decide to let them go. It is like having unwanted guests in your home, like thoughts, the best way to get them out of your home is to stop entertaining them. A thought cannot think itself.

When unwanted guests leave your home it’s a big relief. Your home gets more quiet, you have more space. Life is also better without the burden of thoughts which are unwanted guests in our minds.

Treat your thoughts and ideas as guests in your home.

Be kind to all and stop entertaining
the ones that you don’t care for,

they will leave by themselves.

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