Thinking about Habits
- POSTED ON: Mar 07, 2012

Recently I've been reading several books about
Willpower and Habit, and thinking about those concepts
as they relate to weight-loss and maintenance of weight-loss. 

Information about Habit formation is now a major field of research
in neurology and psychology departments at manyuniversitities and
medical centers, as well as inside corporate labs. 

Computers have greatly increased the ability to analyze data,
and the push to understand how daily habits influence our decisions
is now one of the hottest topics in clinical research. 

Most of us are hardly aware that our habit patterns exist,
but a study from Duke University estimated that habits,
rather than conscious decision-making, shapes 45 percent
of the choices we make every day, and recent discoveries
have begun changing the thinking about dieting, as well as
treatments for anxiety, depression, and addictions. 

Although Habits can be ignored, changed, or replaced,
once the loop in our brains is established, and a habit emerges,
the brain stops fully participating in decision-making. 
So unless one deliberately fights a habit 
- which means finding new cues and rewards -
the old pattern will unfold automatically. 

The book on habit that I'm currently reading is:
"The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business" (2/28/2012)
by Charles Duhigg.

This morning I posted a new Diet Wisdom video,
What is Food?  
which is located at DietHobby, under DIET WISDOM,  Basics.


- POSTED ON: May 18, 2011



A basic idea is to develop sustainable habits
that lead to reaching and maintaining a lower weight.

One needs the behavior of consistently eating in a manner
that results in one’s food intake totaling the same ...for maintenance..
or less…for weight-loss.. caloric energy than one’s body uses.
This is simple, but not easy.

 There is no one list of “correct” eating habits for everyone.
There are some who need to combine exercise with diet,
but there is no magic highway to success.
We all have to find our own way.
We have to find what works for us.
And I have learned that…over time…what works individually may change.

As part of my Dieting Hobby, I read many diet books.
Here's a link to a video I previously posted about that practice.

I also experiment personally with various diets.
Here at DietHobby, sometimes I will share information about this
in detail, and other times, I will not.

This week I’ve been reading “Weight Loss for Food Lovers” (2008) by George Blair.
After I’ve finished reading it, while I’m still processing the ideas presented,
I will probably share some of the concepts that I find interesting,
but I don’t plan to do a summary or detailed book review.

My overall goal is NOT to provide a comprehensive review
of all the various diets, or even of my all own personal ways of eating.
My goal is to share the information that I find interesting
along with my thoughts, as they occur, which I find helpful
to me in my own maintenance.

 Everything I do here at DietHobby is to help me maintain my weight-loss.
Hopefully some of the things I share will also be helpful to others.
I welcome questions, ideas, and opinions from readers.
Unless on extremely private issues, I prefer to see them in the Comments section,
so that everyone can participate in any discussion, but e-mails are also welcome.
My intention is to respond individually to each one.
Thanks for being here. 


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